Randal is straight talker who is very clear on what value I bring and how that may be best delivered in the media. A true relationship builder whom seeks to know the person and establish a relationship of trust.

John Buchannan, former Australian cricket team coach and founder of Success Performance Coaching


It’s always a pleasure to work with Randal. He is trustworthy, honest and reliable. He delivers on what he says and follows through on his words with action.

Viki Markoff, General Manager, ICMI


Randal has a genuine interest in people and desire to help them succeed. He is a master at unearthing the unique angle and is across the trends of what’s going on in media, both nationally and globally, with an ability to connect that back to people’s expertise in unique and interesting ways

Margie Warrell, Author, Forbes Columnist and Leadership Speaker


Randal encourages you to think about what you would like to achieve as an expert from media coverage and to think about whether a pitch will target the market you are pitching to. I simply think he is awesome and I am proud to be connected in the media with him.

Melissa Ferrari, Psychotherapist & Relationship Specialist


Authentic and honest are the words I would use to describe Randal. From the first time we spoke I knew he had my best interests at heart. He listens and treated me as a person, not just a client, encouraging me to keep going and championing me to media.

Karen Sander, Founder of Ageing Fearlessly


Randal’s relationship with the Les Twentyman Foundation has been extremely positive, resulting in regular pieces in Australia’s most read daily newspaper and across radio and television around the nation, bringing the foundation to the notice of the Public and decision makers within government.

Les Twentyman, Founder of the Les Twentyman Foundation

When it comes to media, Randal is connected and has the expertise to tell me what I need to know straight away. He has a sparkling sense of humour who is not afraid to be frank when needed

Erica Myers-Tattersall, Director of Xponential Fundraising


Randal is genuine and not afraid to give an honest opinion, even if it isn’t what the client wants to hear. He possesses great knowledge of the media and is greatly respected in a tough industry, with everyone I have ever mentioned his name to speaking of him in glowing terms. His upbeat and positive attitude gives you great confidence in getting you what you are trying to achieve from media

Narelle Fraser – Keynote Speaker and Presenter

Being so close to my topic of knowledge made it difficult for me to see how this knowledge could be applied to media and what I found most valuable in working with Randal is his ability to help me connect my work to everyday matters and issues that impact families today

Robert Bihar, Finance Analyst, Author and Speaker


Randal takes the time to listen intently, he is considerate of how others are impacted and how they feel. A man of his word, he is committed to see things through and is a strategic thinker who see’s things that most others miss

Soozey Johnstone, Author of ‘I Am The Problem’


Randal is a strategic connector of people, a valued thinking partner who turns complex concepts into a clear message that cuts through

Sue Tsigaros, Founder of the Iris Group

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