About Profile for Media

The toughest job of any small to medium enterprise (SME) or professional individual is how they grow their profile beyond their existing networks who already know who they are and what they do.

Blogs, books, social media and online networks will all be tried. Some will even attempt forays into traditional media, with many of these efforts drowned out in the sea of noise.

This is where the expert advice from Profile For Media steps in, as we not only open the doors to the media world for our clients, we prepare them to enter media with purpose and clearly defined goals of what they want to achieve through their engagement.

At Profile For Media we are about building powerful public profiles, connected to quality content linked to key messaging that is distributed across multiple media channels, clearly articulating who our clients are, what they stand for and what they do.


It’s always a pleasure to work with Randal. He is trustworthy, honest and reliable. He delivers on what he says and follows through on his words with action.

Viki Markoff, General Manager, ICMI


Randal encourages you to think about what you would like to achieve as an expert from media coverage and to think about whether a pitch will target the market you are pitching to. I simply think he is awesome and I am proud to be connected in the media with him.

Melissa Ferrari, Psychotherapist & Relationship Specialist

About Randal Killip

For much of the past 15 years, Randal has worked as a senior manager at a number of leading media intelligence providers, including Rehame Media Monitoring Services, Cubit Media Research, Media Stable and is today the Director of Profile For Media.

He has provided communications and marketing advice to some of Australia’s largest firms, government departments and agencies, including major brands such as the National Australia Bank, Telstra, Optus, Honda and Xstrata (now Glencore), assisting them in measuring their media access across traditional to the new media.

After years in this role, it became clear to Randal that media is in the main controlled by larger businesses, those with the money to invest and are able to control the messaging and views that come through the airwaves.

This has resulted in the under representation of highly skilled individuals and SME’s in the media, who without quality media advice, often find the doors of media outlets seemingly closed to them.

This led to Randal forming Profile For Media, a business dedicated to helping individuals and SME’s evolve their profiles, brand and messaging into quality content that provides benefit to targeted media outlets and their audiences.

Through working with Randal, individuals and SME’s now have access to a leading authority in the measurement and delivery of communications and messaging, someone who is regularly invited to speak at conferences around the country, has been invited to be a guest judge at KPI ‘Pitchfest’ and a mentor at Victorian Leaders.

Let’s get to work on building your profile for media today

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