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Profile For Media is dedicated to helping individuals and SME’s evolve their profiles, brand and messaging into quality content that provides benefit to targeted media outlets and their audiences.

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The media environment has never been busier
with 24 hour access to news across multiple platforms
with so much noise, how can you rise above and be heard?

Profile For Media can show you how

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The Profiler

Discover if your online profile is media ready


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The Communicator

Discover the secrets to the perfect media pitch


The Fireman

Discover how to keep a media crisis from becoming an inferno

Randal Killip

I love how media influences the decisions we make and our view of the world. It is incredibly powerful and I enjoy helping others to harness its power, allowing them to influence and generate real change in the world.

We can help you connect with the right media and raise your profile


Randal is straight talker who is very clear on what value I bring and how that may be best delivered in the media. A true relationship builder whom seeks to know the person and establish a relationship of trust.

John Buchannan, former Australian cricket team coach and founder of Success Performance Coaching


Randal has a genuine interest in people and desire to help them succeed. He is a master at unearthing the unique angle and is across the trends of what’s going on in media, both nationally and globally, with an ability to connect that back to people’s expertise in unique and interesting ways

Margie Warrell, Author, Forbes Columnist and Leadership Speaker